Collaboration of Helping Hands: Dumpstermaxx Partners with Habitat for Humanity of Omaha

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone. We rise by lifting others. Your simplest gesture of kindness can reach to the hearts and souls of hundreds and thousands to encourage them to help others who are struggling. Remember, your success is not just by what you accomplish for yourself or gain in life, it is also about what you do for others.

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We at Dumpstermaxx believe in helping others in need. We aim to achieve our greatest success by helping others succeed and grow. Every member of Dumpstermaxx team believes in contributing to the society. You alone can’t change the world. But, you can cast a stone to the pillar which is going to strengthen the future of our world.

We are proud to build a helping partnership with Habitat for Humanity, an ecumenical Christian ministry which builds and renovates homes for fortuneless while improving the overall appearance of North and South Omaha communities. With more than three decades of operational experience and renowned for their great deeds, Habitat Omaha members has partnered with more than 1350 families to help address their housing issues through repair, homeownership and other community building activities.

Humanity of Omaha built homes for less fortunate families with donor contributions, donated materials, and volunteer personnel. As a responsive and actively working member for society, Dumpstermaxx has donated dumpsters to the Habitat for Humanity Omaha to help them streamline their building and repairing process of homes for people in need.

Dumpstermaxx and the Habitat for Humanity Omaha both believe that all people should have a safe and decent place to live. As a faith partner of Habitat for Humanity Omaha, we are proud to serve the needs of people who have been fighting with unfortunate situations. We believe a family or individual should not have to worry about poor or unsafe living conditions.

Dumpstermaxx aims to actively take part for more social cause in the near future. If feels great to help others and we will be happy to contribute to our City of Omaha as much as we can to help keep it beautiful.

Call us at 800-369-6299 to reach our staff for help.