Sustainability and Environmental Education in Omaha Schools

We’re pretty sure you have heard of stories about schools like UC Irvine, which purchased 20 electric buses for their school bus fleet, and maybe even Colorado State University, which is one of the “Greenest School in America”. These schools get lots of support for student education in sustainability. Omaha is not falling behind.

All school levels, Kindergarten to College, schools are taking sustainability seriously and promoting sustainability knowledge in our students. Planting seeds for our future leaders.

Omaha is the first to implement the very first Project Localize for elementary students. They are educated on what is happening with their own food system by creatively through art work, they describe what sustainability looks like in their local environment by combining art, food, and technology.

Aquaponics is now more commonly taught among middle school students. They learn about the closed loop system of sustainability. They are being taught how to grow their own food, and everything involved with the process. Students are showing a great interest in this.

Academy of Sustainable Environments & Renewable Resources is allowing high school students to take part of their program and get involved. Focusing on the need to promote green ethics to promote a healthy future for them and their environment.

University of Nebraska Omaha, Clarkson College, Creighton University, Metropolitan Community College, have been implementing sustainability roles on staff. They promote their school to be a more sustainable place and educate the local community.

It is very crucial to educate our young people and encourage the need to care for the earth and to do their part as best they can. Together we can make the earth a greener place.