Hauler Network Program

Dumpstermaxx is pleased to announce our Hauler Network Program. We provide our top local haulers with 25-50 new dumpster orders per month. Actual orders. No Cost to the hauler at all. This is more of a partnership. We send you orders, we pay you and you only deal with us, no need to deal with customers directly. This means increased long term business at no cost to you.

New customers calling Dumpstermaxx will be serviced by our in-house customer service representatives. Our dumpster rental experts assist customer with dumpster price quotes, and other dumpster inquiry they may need help with. We handle all of customer payment transactions and inquiries and send you a finalized order to your email ready for you to deliver on the scheduled date.

​We take care of everything below:

  • Internet advertising and marketing all handled in house.
  • New inquiries - completely helping customer from start to finish.
  • Price/Quote inquiries(phone and online).
  • Completed Sale.
  • Payment processing directly with customers.
  • Documentation, receipt, and invoicing all provided to customer.
  • Scheduling Pick Ups, Empty and Returns, New Deliveries.
  • Collection of additional weight, and other charges to customer.
  • All customer related inquiries.

We want to bring you an increased amount of long term business, contact us now to find out how.

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