Things you will need to Order a Dumpster in Omaha.

  • Type of material, price may vary depending on type of material.
  • How much amount of waste you have and what size dumpster to order.
  • Do you have enough space for a dumpster?
  • Call Dumpstermaxx at 800-369-MAXX and schedule a delivery or pick up.

Planning on getting rid of trash in Omaha? Order a dumpster from Dumpstermaxx and always get the job done right at the best prices. Whether its demolishing a building, remodeling that old kitchen, or just clearing out junk, you may need to rent a roll off dumpster for your waste. A dumpster easily allows you to dispose of large amounts of trash. Here is a guide to choosing the right dumpster rental, when you order a dumpster you need to make sure it works for your waste removal needs.

Consider the Amount and Type of Waste 

Dumpsters come in many different types and sizes so having a good understanding will help you before choosing a dumpster. Consider the type of waste that you will be generating. There are various waste categories including household, commercial, industrial, construction, and hazardous waste. In many cities these cannot be mixed in the same dumpster, you will need a separate dumpster rental for each type of waste.

For example gravel and fill most cannot be combined with other materials. Also, depending on what you will be dumping, the weight just might be a factor. Heavier non recyclable items will cost more to dump. Consult with your dumpster rental company as to which items you will be disposing of in Omaha.

Determine if You Plan on Recycling 

Recycling centers require that recyclables materials are sorted. Glass, metals, cardboard, paper, plastics, wood, film, and electronics can be considered recyclable. Talk to your dumpster rental company or recycling center to determine what the requirements are to sort your recyclables prior to pickup. Separate dumpsters may be required for each type of recyclable material.

Investigate Various Dumpster Rental Types and Sizes 

When you order a dumpster, you need to determine what size roll off dumpster is required for the job. Roll off dumpsters offer the most capacity for waste containers. Dumpsters are offered in many sizes in Omaha NE.

10 yard dumpsters are good for small remodeling projects or medium sized home or business clean outs such as a deck under 300 square feet or shingle roof removal under 1,500 square feet. They hold 10 cubic yards of material which translates into around 3 pickup truck loads.

20 yard dumpsters are for medium sized remodeling projects, major cleanouts such as carpet removal for a large home, shingle roof removal over 1,500 square feet, or deck removal over 300 square feet. They hold 20 cubic yards of material which translates into around 6 pickup truck loads.

30 yard dumpsters are generally used more for commercial purposes or major home additions and new construction. They hold 30 cubic yards of material which translates into around 9 pickup truck loads.

40 yard dumpsters are also usually more for commercial or industrial purposes, complete window, and siding replacement. They hold 40 cubic yards of material which translates into around 12 pickup truck loads.

If you have any questions regarding information on dumpster rentals or how to order a dumpster please do not hesitate to call us 800-369-MAXX or visit our contact page.

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